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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> that's not true. we are doing radio. i'm doing o'reilly tonight because it's wednesday. >> good luck with him. >> how about you? >> i will see you in radio. happening now starts right now. >> bye. >> fox news alert we are waiting remarks any minute from donald trump in philadelphia, he's expected to focus on national security and the military just days before our nation marks 15 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. i'm jenna lee. john: and i'm john scott. just hours before he and mrs. clinton both take part in
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nationally televised commander in chief form tonight. senior correspondent john roberts is live in philadelphia. he has the latest for you. >> donald trump is running late, making his way here to the place where he will give that speech, which could be a pretty big news making speech. the thing he's going to talk about first of all is rebuilding the military. on day one of presidency, he will instruct congress to lift sequester sitting at $148 billion. donald trump did not say how much he wants to increase that. he will deal with that in first budget. now, these numbers could change between now and the time that donald trump gives the speech. here is what we understand, in terms of the army, 540,000 active duty personnel, that could be increase of 61,000 from the current level of 479,000. when it comes to the marine corps, he wants to increase the
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number of battalions to 36 up to the current level of 23. navy ships, he wants to increase to 350 at current level 276 and in air force, more than 300 air fighters and also missile defense systems in 32 ships, how is he going to pay for all of this, a very good question. donald trump propose today pay for some of it by diverting budgetary from workforce and also the size of the bureaucracy in the military, he wants to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse which every president plans to do and he also sees that there will be a federal revenue boom from the increased production of energy in this country. in addition to going through military, donald trump will be very critical of hillary clinton
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for her policies and the way that she's pursued them in places like iraq and syria, libya as well as other countries and will hit her for the way that she has dealt with the e-mail scandal including the fact that we found out earlier this week that her aides smashed devices with hammers. all pointing out to commander in chief forum in new york city. hillary clinton and donald trump on the same stage, though not together sponsored by the veterans of america association which wants to know what they will do to improve treatment of veterans. donald trump also releasing august fundraising numbers this morning, our understanding is it's about a figure of $90 million, though they haven't broken that down as to how much the campaign will actually come out with. hillary clinton raised more than $140 million during the month of
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august, campaign seeing 62 million of that. john, we hope to have figures for you before the noon hours. back to you. john: all right, military back and forth, the biggest story of the day. john roberts, thank you, john. jenna: ahead of tonight's forum that john just mentioned. both candidates will take in second appearances with new polls showing them neck and neck. a little bit away from this event will be held, mike. mike: good morning, foreign policy expected to be huge in the election. both candidates will be making their case to be the next commander in chief. hillary clinton launched prim their strike yesterday in tampa, florida, u.s. central command, trump does not have a clue about how to defeat the terror group isis and clinton says trump is wrong on nuclear weapons.
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>> he's very loose in his talk about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get them, doesn't know why they haven't been used already, i mean, it's so mind boggling when i hear these things, i say that can't be true. and then they replay it for me again. >> trump says clinton has bad judgment and has been wrong on many foreign policy issues, his running mate delivered this attack on fox and friends. >> there's no question the last seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's leadership on the world stage has weakened america's place in the world and eroded american credibility. >> clinton has earned the endorsement of the dallas morning news which published, quote, we have been critical of clinton's handling of certain issues in the past, but unlike donald trump hillary clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a
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willingness to delve into real policy, the newspaper notes it has not recommended a democrat for president in more than 75 years. jenna. jenna: interesting note, mike. john: as they trade jabs, the military and voting blocks, what about that dallas editorial, the morning news as hillary clinton has, you know, deep experience and is therefore more qualified to be commander in chief, how would you assays that? >> what is issue with a lot of people like the dallas morning news are focusing on is her reliability, the fact that she was secretary of state for four years and as we all famously knew flew a million miles around the world. i think the question a lot of voters have is what are her
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beliefs and would she be a strong commander in chief. mike pence put his if i thinker on something there, line of attack in the trump campaign which is the obama's record on policy. president obama's leadership has been weak. the one thing he has to show for himself the iran nuclear deal. all of these are things that hillary clinton cannot criticize, she cannot run against barack obama. donald trump on the other hand has a lot of face to run as a stronger potential commander in chief than hillary would be. john: pence use it had phrase weakened credibility abroad. if she's going to, you know a assume the mantle of commander in chief, she can't say i'm going to make us respected again because it's her former boss who, well, she would be criticizing with that statement. >> she simply cannot do that.
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she needs to democratic vote and this race is another, donald trump is going to propose increase spending on the military. there's a sense out there that the military has been someone starved for support. there's no way that hillary clinton is going to be able to propose military spending. politico uncovered the memo that the pentagon put out several months ago saying that it was going to oppose the house of representatives proposed $18 billion in defense spending unless republicans agreed to $18 billion in increased domestic spending. this is the democratic, they will not increase democratic spending unless you increase domestic spending. there's no chance that hillary clinton is going to match donald trump's proposals on increased military spending. john: but let's talk about him and the strength that he brings to the table as a the republican
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nominee, you know, he has given her many gifts. she's using his own words against him in her advertising. >> the big temperament issue. do i think this is a problem, john. he has made extraordinarily off the cuff remarks such as john mccain was no war hero. the wall street journal today put out an interesting story saying that 79% of undecided independent voters, what we use to call swing voters, have a negative opinion of both hillary clinton and donald trump. that's an extraordinary number. john: so they're tied? >> 79% unfavorable among independents. for hillary, this is a big problem, she's a known quantity, this people know she was secretary of state for four years, they know what her record was and still have high disfavorable opinion of her. so i think donald trump is the one who has some room to grow over the next two months.
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now, the question is what will his temperament be over that 2-month period because there's no question they are going to dump these ads quoting donald trump back to himself trying to make these undecided independent voters uncomfortable about mr. trump. the burden is on him to disprove that. john: we just heard hillary clinton in the piece of sound we heard earlier that trump doesn't have a clue on how to defeat isis. well u does the obama administration, does the former secretary of state have a clue on how to defeat isis? >> the most she has said more bombing from the air, but there's no way that hillary is going to propose more military offensive on the ground, boots on the ground to defeat isis and, look, the middle east is in manifest turmoil after eight years. this is no longer possible to blame what's going on on george w. bush. you've got a million migrant refugees in europe and syria
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with bombing that is so repulsive and there's an opportunity for donald trump to suggest an alternative to what we have been doing over there. it's not likely that hillary clinton is going to propose any significant alternative to what obama has been doing for the last eight years. john: trotting out the lists of dueling generals and admirals, trump has 88 who have written a letter of support, hillary clinton, i think, 95, mid-90's. does that resinate with voters and, again, is that an issue on which they seem to be essentially tied? >> yeah, at the moment they seem to be competing this week for the military vote. look, john, barack obama had virtually no relationship with the american military. there is no -- nothing to reveal on the fact that they just didn't much care for one another and so i think trump by in large is going to do pretty well with
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the military and manifest the fact that he makes strange remarks about vladimir putin and knowing about the generals than they do about the middle east, i think that the average military person is looking for a break. think doubt they're going to get that with hillary clinton and they're willing to take a chance with hillary -- donald trump notwithstanding remarks he has made. john: daniel, wall street journal, thank you, dan. jenna: a man who admitted shooting his ex-wife and killing teenage son where he made killing confession. also 40 million-dollar payment to iran may have been just the down payment as we learned of an even bigger cash payout. we want to hear from you, do you think donald trump should release tax returns? clinton keeps talking about this. the polling shows there's interest from voters. what about you?
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john: right now some headlines we are following. a new search for a college student who disappeared more than 20 years ago. the fbi escavating in hopes to find christian smart, disappeared after leaving a campus, the digging is expect today last four days. a manhunt stretching from virginia to south carolina for a man who admitted shooting his ex-wife and killing his 15-year-old son. the ex-wife survived the attack. earl valentine made confession live on facebook just minutes after the shooting. court action for a texas man charged with kidnapping a woman who had been missing since 2014. the jury selection beginning in the trial of enrique arochi,
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last person to see cristina morris before she went missing.g story and more money changing stories with iran. cash at that. the u.s. $1.3 billion in cash to tehran on top of the 400 million-dollar initial payment. this comes amid rising tensions in the persian gulf between iran and the u.s. navy. christine is live at the white house. >> we already know that the obama administration had sent $1.3 billion to iran. what we didn't know how, was it a cash payment or wire transfer, that's important because last month president obama said that that initial payment of $400 million, the one that was used as leverage to secure the release of four american prisoners, president obama said that that had to be made in cash because our sanctions were so strict that we didn't have a banking relationship with iran. so the white house says the fact that this additional
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$1.3 billion was also paid in cash proves that the president was telling the truth. the treasury department just released a statement that reads, quote, the form of those principal and interest payments made nonu.s. currency was nectated by the effectiveness of international sanctions regime over the last several years in isolating iran from the international financial system. now, that money came from the obscure fund that's administered by the treasury department. it's called the judgment fund and specifically for settling litigation claims. that's how the white house was essential essentially bypass approval. judgment fund payments are to be made by electronic funds transfer, not cash. now, you can request a waiver but in this case and in this moment, it's unclear if the obama administration did that. now, yesterday a group of republican senators, they introduced a bill that could
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essentially ban payments to iran and also planning on holding several more hearings about the payments which they say are clearly ransom, jenna. jenna: quite a story, thank you. john: what police found in a car parked outside of notre dame cathedral. whether a tech company staffer broke the law
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jenna: alert of fears of another terror plot in france targeting the notre dame cathedral in
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central paris after a car found abandoned with several gas tanks inside. it had no plates and hazard lights were flashing. officials say there wasn't any detonating device inside and french media reports as many as six people have been taken into custody. john: breaking now house oversight committee joyson chaffetz calling on the justice department to launch another investigation on hillary clinton this time focusing on emails a tech staffer deleted despite benghazi committee that they be safe and constitutes obstruction of justice. he has more. rich. >> good morning, john, we could the house oversight committee to continue investigating on this front. this morning a committee aide tells us they invited officials, state department, the fbi, the department of justice to come in
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and explain the fbi notes released last week in its investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail server and e-mail address. an aide with that committee tells us they don't expect any of the officials to show up and expect to request them at a hearing on monday. this as there are continued questions about some of the timing as it pertains to when that it company wiped hillary clinton's server and the information on it. in a letter to the u.s. attorney for the district of colombia, chaffetz write, quotes in reviews files, the committee identified a sequence of events that may amount to obstruction of justice. this is after the it company erased part of the server. this was during congress' investigation of the hillary
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clinton e-mail and benghazi investigation. that fetes say there's reason to keep looking into this. >> the house of representative has to stand up to itself. i'm tired of congress sending off letters and not doing anything. we actually have some equities here that we have to protect and to protect those federal records. >> democrats all the requests essentially a which -- witch-hunt. to help republican nominee donald trump and to essentially redo what the fbi has already investigated because republicans disagree with the outcome for political reasons. clinton is essentially said that the fbi has determined that there's no reason to prosecute, they've looked into this matter and it should be closed. john, back to you. john: the fbi did not have information on the hard drives because they were destroyed, right? jenna: we will to watch that
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story. donald trump to unveil spending and big theme for today and why this issue may help the republican presidential nominee. we will talk about that. a look at the dow which came close to record yesterday. we are live with that story next
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john: might be weakening but a hurricane could bring rain and mud slide. a man admits kidnapping and killing a boy 30 years ago, why he will not face charges in his murder? our legal panel weighs in the jacob case. would you like to speak with a real had human being when you call customer service, well, now there's an app for that. jenna: republican nominee is expected to unfail a plan for a major increase in defense spending and there's a live look at the stage and where we expect mr. trump any moment now. joining us president and founder of ndn and chris wilson,
8:31 am
pollster for senator ted cruz as we continue to wash -- watch the union league. the union league was created during the civil war to support the union and there were some scenes -- themes of that time, divided electorate that we are exploring today. it's ironic to think about as we await the address. simon, what's the most surprising thing about policy? >> reagan was profree trade, trump isn't. reagan was strong with our european allies, with nato against russian aggression, and finally on immigration, ronald reagan was proimmigration and welcomed immigrant and donald trump doesn't.
8:32 am
for republicans who are trying to make sense of nominee, it's just remarkable to me how far he has drifted from what made the republican party so successful just 30 years ago. jenna: interesting, what do you think about that? ronald reagan as benchmark and looking at policies to measure how successful donald trump may be? >> i think it's a good point and analogy and what trump needs to do today is describe what america would look like after a trump administration and that's really the key. he can lay out and contract what he believes in compared to the eight years of obama strategy. that's what he has to show, he's not volatile and he could be a commander in chief because right now people -- jenna: it's interesting that you bring that up, he said, this is not today about the military whether it's hillary clinton or donald trump,
8:33 am
is not so much about the policy, it's about the belief of the individual and how they explain that belief to the electorate. talk to us about hillary clinton. she has experience but some are pointing to that as also her weakness, what is her belief when it comes to national security? we are going to hear it from donald trump. >> well, i think you will hear a lot of it tonight on the forum that they're both doing. i think clint open is seeing in our party, muscular liberal. she's been -- she support it had iraq war along with george bush in 2002 which trump opposed, obviously says he oppose now. she views herself being a president of engaged america around the world using smart power as we described as democrats, not just military, always leading with military but using all the tools in the tool box, i think you're going to hear much more of that from her in the coming weeks and we have the kinds of forums that we have tonight. jenna: the results, chris, that
8:34 am
hillary clinton is going to confront as well. as you look around the world and see the state of affairs. >> it is. i would argue that this is hillary clinton continuing the obama administration, the obama foreign policy and that's what donald trump needs to do, appear as if hillary clinton would be an extension of the obama foreign policy which most people see as failure. the challenge is that he has 20-point lead with active duty military at the same time romney led by 25, even though he has the lead it's not as strong as it should be and that's what he has the opportunity to do tonight, he can be the commander in chief and temperament and contrast himself with hillary clinton to be a stronger commander in chief than she would be. jenna: chris, what about critics of donald trump say about him which is that he doesn't have any experience leading a military or in foreign policy affairs, the same way that hillary clinton does.
8:35 am
why doesn't he take that on? >> 70% of the american poll in quinnipiac poll. two-thirds say he doesn't have the temperament and that's why speeches like this are so important. it's not just speeches but policy but the way he conducts as candidate. he has to stop sending tweets, attacking members and run the rest of this campaign cycle and appears presidential like he can stand up and be a commander in chief. right now the election is hillary clinton on trump. jenna: donald trump may not have experience on military, but does have experience managing companies and he's making the argument we expect to hear from him that when it comes to spending money, we should spend it on military. when hillary clinton is talking about where to spend the money, she is talking about infrastructure. why not let's say let's spend more on defense given the state of the world, why wouldn't that
8:36 am
be a winning issue for her? >> let's hear what she has to say over the next few days. i don't think she's ever been described as a dove by anybody who has watched her on the global stage. what she's going to be arguing, her experience, understanding of the world, complex time as you say, jenna, she's better suited to be the commander in chief at this time in american history. the american public clearly believes that, right, based on polling, i believe that as well and i think it's -- it is -- we are lucky in some ways than in the time of great change around the world that we would have somebody that's been on the global stage for 25 years that can do the job on day one. jenna: do you really believe that, simon, who is going to give me a job and keep me safe, you truly believe given state of affairs that we would be safer under hillary clinton? >> i have no doubt that the country would be more prosperous
8:37 am
under hillary clinton than donald trump and we will be safer, i have no doubt about that whatsoever. jenna: chris, how does donald trump make the argument, no, no, i'm the one that's going to make you safe because i'm the one that will make america great? >> it's not necessarily about trump, it's more about clinton. i don't think she has made the argument. if this election sits down about who is going to make it safer, you go to the election speeches, there's no question in terms of a contrast that donald trump made -- i'm sorry convention speech, nomination speech all about making america safe. it'll be tough for hillary clinton to win on that. she doesn't have the credibility, credibility for time as secretary of state. they see -- right now your last report was on notre dame cath ed
8:38 am
cathedral in france. jenna: simon, why don't you think she can? >> she's going to make public appearance and she has experience to lead the country. look, she has now gotten all the republican policy officials who have joined the campaign. republican policy leaders who are agreeing with her in the case. i want to echo what was said about chris, the contrast of trump, trump has been a wild inconsistent character, deeply inexperienced in the time of enormous challenge, the worst possible person we could put into the oval office given how inexperienced he is. i've listen today him talk year. i was on air, ramblg and incoherent and he's getting better but still a long way from being reassuring, i think -- jenna: we've discussed on the program, listen to a former admiral today talk about why why
8:39 am
he supports donald trump. he didn't like the way hillary clinton handled classified information. he said on a very basic level that shows -- showed to him that she was not capable or faithful and that's the word that he used to the united states government. donald trump doesn't have that in his path. what about that? >> fair game. this is a legitimate part going forward, clearly took place as secretary of state, she clearly made a mistake. she has to be able to defend in the context of broader vision, her own experience and i would argue, right, that as i said earlier that her commitment to american engagement around the world is more consistent with traditional american foreign policy than what trump has been representing, a radical break from even where the republican party has been over the last
8:40 am
generation and certainly far, far away from where ronald reagan took the country in the 1980's. jenna: so far the criticism of hillary clinton over the classified e-mail hasn't really stuck. so what does donald trump do over the next 60 days or so to make that stick and make himself a viable alternative? >> well, the more it comes out the more it sticks, the challenge is the contrast with trump and the challenge -- what he has right now in terms of his personal challenges in terms of credibility as candidate. i would say that trump did a good job yesterday in releasing the list of military leaders. simon brought up the fact that there's been republican foreign policy leaders that endorsed clinton. that's a real problem for trump campaign. bringing together a list of military leaders and now if he can do a good job of sending leaders out with surrogates, embarrassing him when they go on tv and putting on military leaders and others from that
8:41 am
list that have come out, that's taking him in a pretty far direction, right direction in terms of establishing him in source of standing up and being future commander in chief. that's what today and tonight is all about and if he does that effectively and is able to make it a battle about who is going to keep america safe, a better and more honest, trust worthy commander in chief and frankly who is going to do a better job overall in managing the military. if he's able to win that argument, that's going to make a much closer election than people expected to be right now. clinton is without question vulnerable on those issues for a lot of the reasons -- simon pointed out things muscular liberal. jenna: yes. >> that's right. i don't disagree with that. that creates challenges because she has been muscular, yet ineffect i have. the world being where it is today -- jenna: makes me want to flex as i'm hearing about it. >> we all worked out this morning.
8:42 am
jenna: i'm mentioning the surrogates flynn was fired by the obama administration for wanting to be tougher on our nation's enemies and he's one of the surrogates per donald trump. we are awaiting donald trump. simon, chris, if you would standby. we will have you back to weigh in as well. john. john: trump speech from philly ahead. yesterday it was less a hundred points away from record close after the nasdaq hit a new high. lauren simonetti is keeping on eye on all that, she's with the fox business network. lauren: hi, john, stocks are looking pretty good. really close to record highs, september which is traditionally the worst month of the year. keep that in mind as you check 401k's. they're hitting record highs. if the nasdaq hits a record and closes at that record today it'll be a seventh this year.
8:43 am
dow right now 140 points away from record close, s&p 5008 points away. we are watching apple shares, they're down a quarter percent. investors are waiting the apple new on its new product in about an hour and a half from now and also a decision by the european central bank on policy and rates and it looks like our central bank on different economic conditions across the country. that comes in just a couple of hours from now. just a little while ago we got a report on the job market, labor department reporting more hires, more quits, more job openings in the month of july, all of those are signs that things might be getting better. john, all right, we will seep an eye on the numbers. 150 away from record close now. lauren simonetti, thank you. lauren: thank you. jenna: the city of philadelphia donald trump is prepared to give a speech on the military at the union league club there in philadelphia, general mike flynn warming up the crowd. we've been expecting donald trump for about 45 minutes now so we are going to take a quick
8:44 am
commercial break, hopefully we will be right back with him right after a short break
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john: nearly 27-year-old cold case, a man confesses that he killed a 11-year-old boy in minnesota back in 1989, the case of jacob was national news for months, abducted at gunpoint on the night of october 22nd while with his brother and a friend. they were biking. on december 16th, daniel was interviewed by the fbi. he claimed at the time he could not remember where he was the night jacob disappeared and he wasn't charged, a year later said about 2,000 people had been interviewed regarding jacob's case.
8:48 am
dna linked him to the sexual assault of a boy in the county ten months before jacob's abduction. they found pornography, child pornography about jacob and missing children in his home. three months later he was arrested for pornography later indicted, he continued to deny involvement in jacob's disappearance, four days ago on september 3rd, authorities confirmed they found jacob's remains. confessed in court to kidnapping, molesting and shooting and killing jacob, but because prosecutors had taken murder off the table in a plea deal, heinrich will face no charges in his death.
8:49 am
we have more on that and now breaking news n. jenna: donald trump speaking on military affairs and national security. let's take a look. >> this would require rethinking the failed policies of the past, we can make new friends, rebuild old alliances and bring new allies and we can do that. i'm proud to have the support of war-fighting generals, active-duty military and top experts who know both how to win and how to avoid endless wars that were caught up like the one that we have now that just never, ever ends. our longest war. just yesterday 88 top general and admirals endorsed my campaign, and these people are
8:50 am
fantastic. [applause] >> thank you n. the trump administration our actions in the middle east would be tempered by realism. the current strategy of toppling regimes with no plan for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled simply by terrorist, gradual reform, no sudden and radical change should be guiding objective in that region. we should work with any country that shares our goal of destroying isis and defeating radical islamic terrorism. [applause] and we are going to form new friendships and partnerships based on this mission and this mission alone.
8:51 am
we now have an administration and a former secretary of state who refuse to say radical islamic terrorism and unless you're going to say the words, you're never going to solve the problems, very simple. immediately after taking office i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. [cheers and applause] >> this will require military warfare but also cyber warfare, financial warfare and ideological warfare as i layed out in my speech on defeating radical islamic terrorism several weeks ago. instead of an apology tour, which you saw president obama give over and over again, i will
8:52 am
proudly promote our system of government and our way of life as the best in the world just like we did in our campaign against communism during the cold war. [applause] >> we will show the whole world how proud we are of being americans. [applause] >> at the same time immigration security is a vital part of our national security, we only want to admit people who our country who will support our values and love our people. they have to love our people. these are, in fact, the pillars of a sound national security strategy unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize
8:53 am
diplomacy, not destruction. hillary clinton's legacy in iraq, libya, syria has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. her destructive policies have displaced millions of people, then she's inviting these refugees into the west with no plan to screen them including veteran healthcare costs and this was just announced and read over the last number of weeks, the price of the wars in iraq and afghanistan will total approximately $6 trillion. we could have rebuilt our country over and over again. yet after all this money was spent and lives lost, clinton's policies as secretary of state have left the middle east in more disarray than ever before, not even close.
8:54 am
had we have dope nothing we would have been in far better position. meanwhile china has grown more aggressive and north korea more than ever, putin has no respect for president obama and has absolutely no respect for hillary clinton. sometimes it seems like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade, intervene in or top, she's unstable, whether we like it or not, that's what's going on. then clinton's team used a
8:55 am
technology called bleach bit which is basically an acid and it's going acid wash, who would do this? nobody does it because of the expense. who would do this? they took a hammer to some of her 13 phones to cover up her tracks in obstruction of justice. these e-mail records would were destroyed after she received a subpoena. remember that word, after, after she received a subpoena from congress to turn them over. if you do that in private enterprises, it's a violation of the law. the fbi report she claims she couldn't recall important on 39 separate and different occasions, she can't remember whether she has trained in the use of classified information
8:56 am
and she said she didn't know the letter c means confidential or at least classified. if she can't remember such crucial events and information honestly, she's totally unfit to be our commander in chief, totally unfit. [cheers and applause] >> she does know and that also makes her unfit. her conduct is simply disqualifying. she talks about her experience but hillary clinton's only foreign policy experience ended up in absolute failure.
8:57 am
everywhere she got involved things got worse, let's look back at the middle east at the very beginning of 2009 before hillary clinton was sworn in. libya was stable, syria was under control, egypt was ruled by a secular president and an ally of the united states, iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence but the group that would become what is now called isis was close to being extinguished. would have never happen, would have never happened. iran was being choked off by economic sanctions, fast-forward to today. what have we gotten from the horrible, horrible decisions made by barack obama and secretary?
8:58 am
libya is in ruins, our embassador and other brave americans are dead and isis has gained a new base of operations and taking their very first valuable oil. syria is in the mist of a disastrous war. isis controls large portions of territory. a refugee crisis now threatens europe and the united states and hundreds of thousands of people are dead. in egypt, terrorists have gained a foothold in the sanai desert, one of the most essential water ways anywhere in the world. iraq is in chaos and isis is on the list and iran, by the way, will be taking over iraq and
8:59 am
their vast oil reserves. isis has spread across the middle east and into the west. iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism is now flushed with $150 billion in cash being released and released by the united states, plus another 1.7 billion that we just learned about last evening in cash ransom payments. we thought it was 400 million, turns out that it's now $1.7 billion in cash. our president lied to us. worst of all, the nuclear deal puts iran the number one state sponsor of radical islamic terrorism on a path to nuclear
9:00 am
weapons and the path will go very quickly. this is hillary clinton's foreign policy legacy you have got it already happening. our adversaries are chomping at the bit. history shows that when america is not prepared, is when the danger is by far the greatest. we wanted to deter, avoid and prevent conflict to our unquestioned military strength. we have the greatest people in the world. we have to give them the greatest equipment. [applause] the


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